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If you were to describe the sound of ELWOOD STRAY you would probably refer to it as plain, genuine and candid.

They go without technological nonsense like backing tracks but focus on the bare substance instead: Delivering hand-made music. You will discover their sound to be a blend of catchy melodies and heavy tunes. Not only does the skillful synergy of shouts and clear vocals support the instrumental parts but listeners come at their expense as well. ELWOOD STRAY doesn’t mince matters. With their lyrics they try to speak up to social wrongs and the grievances of the world. If you get yourself into the music of ELWOOD STRAY, you will definitely dismiss the idea of labeling their style as dull.

Due to the masterfully combined mix of Post-Hardcore and Nu-Metal segments, ELWOOD STRAY is able to surprise with a whole new sound and make it their own.

The band, which is home-based in Germany‘s Ruhr area, released their debut single “Vultures“ in early May 2016. Now the follow-up EP “Burn the Bridge“ will also be released and available on iTunes, spotify, Youtube, deezer, Google Music, Apple Music, Band Camp & Sound Cloud.